Sibusiso’s irrepressible spirit and infectious enthusiasm for life inspires and uplifts people of all backgrounds and circumstances, and especially children. As a professional speaker, his message is simple: every person has their own “Everest” to climb. Whether you’re prepared for it or not, it’s there – challenging you to reach the top. And if he can do that in the most dangerous and inhospitable of conditions and against all the odds so, he suggests, can you.

Since 2006, Sibusiso has been the African ambassador for Lifeline Energy (formerly the Free Play Foundation) – see www.lifelineenergy.org. He dedicated the 1,113 kilometres he trekked to the South Pole, in some of the worst conditions imaginable, to the children of South Africa. In May 2008, as a result of this generous act and hundreds of sponsors supporting Sibusiso, Lifeline Energy was able to provide 300 Lifeline radios to children from the Nkomazi district, where Sibusiso was born.

“The future entirely depends on the education of children, their access to information to broaden their thinking and understanding of the ever-changing and challenging world” says Sibu.  Sibusiso founded a running club called Born to Win. He has also hosted a radio show ‘My Climb, Your Climb’ on 1485 Radio Today in which he interviewed black achievers about the challenges they faced and overcame in their careers and lives. He was also patron of the Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Conservation Leadership Group.   Sibusiso is married to Nomsa and is the proud father of four. He supports the educational needs of three young girls in honour of those who contributed to his own education when his parents couldn’t afford it.


    • On Thursday December 2011 Sibu was introduced to the Queen of England at a reception at Buckingham Palace. The reception was held to acknowledge those involved in mountaineering, adventurer and exploration. Also present was Sir Ranulph Fiennes, a great friend of Sibu.
    • In January 2012, and again in 2013, Sibusiso successfully guided a team of South Africans up Mount Aconcagua. This is the highest mountain in the southern hemisphere, the highest in South America and one of the seven summits.
    • In 2012 he helped five of the team members to the summit of this mountain including South Africa’s youngest person to summit Aconcagua (at age fifteen).
    • In 2012 Sibusiso became a fully-fledged member of the British Alpine Club.
    • Sibusiso has become the only black South African to complete the grand slam of adventuring known as the Three Poles Challenge: reaching the summit of Everest, South and North Pole. Sibu’s last achievement of the three, the North Pole, took place in April 2012.
    • In 2012 Sibusiso was included in the ‘Green Book ‘of South Africa’s 100 Most Influential People in Sport’ at a function hosted by Minister Fikile Mbalula of the Department of Sport and Recreation.
    • In April 2013 Sibusiso Vilane teamed up with legendary long-distance runner Bruce Fordyce to run the African-X trail run in the Cape.
    • On 2 June 2013 Sibusiso ran his fifth Comrades Marathon in aid of the 46664 Bangle Initiative. For more about the work of this charity, please see www.46664bangles.com.
    • In July 2013 Sibusiso summitted Mount Kilimanjaro with Richard Mabaso and Joshua Awesome on Mandela Day.
    • In December 2013 Sibusiso was appointed as Chief Scout for the South African Scouts Association.

Sibusiso is an accomplished and popular motivational speaker who continues to speak all over South Africa, and encourages all people to attempt their own Everest, touching people everywhere with his warmth and humility. His passion is to talk to as many children as possible, in as many schools as possible. He tells them not only to dream, but to never give up on their dreams – believe in them and go for them wholeheartedly. The challenges of organising and successfully completing expeditions are, in many ways, very similar to business challenges. We all want to get to the top of our mountains, whatever they are, and Sibu will inspire you and your guests to do just that with his engaging and entertaining presentations:


1. Journey to the top (Everest)
2. Beyond Everest (Everest, the South Pole and the Seven Summits)
3. Three Poles (Everest and the South and North Poles)

Each of Sibu’s signature talks is backed by a Powerpoint presentation, complete with breathtaking images from his expeditions.

To take a step further to reaching the summit of your next mountain, invite Sibu to speak at your next business conference, club meeting, training seminar or social function. For more information, please contact us through the contact form on this site.


Thank you for sharing the day with us, we thoroughly enjoyed you words, and inspiration and wish you the best for all your future adventures.

Lisa Walker, Carnival City (Sun International)

Sibusiso is an amazing man who tells an amazing story. I could quite happily listen to all his stories having had a taste of the Everest one.

Tony Reeler, headmaster, Pretoria Boys High School

‘Sibusiso was absolutely inspiring. His story is authentic and full of humility. I found the principles and lessons he shared most applicable to our work and personal challenges and they have been on my mind a lot over the last week. Sibu is not only a remarkable individual but an a real life example of what is possible when you know where you going and why!’

‘Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Sibusiso session, I was so inspired!! I also took out a fantastic learning about how you need to keep your eye on the “summit” and there will be set backs (3 steps forward & 2 steps back) and you should just keep going. The example of going to camp 1,then back to base, etc and having to weather the storms and remain hopeful despite the delays and challenges was so relevant to us when we tackle the BIG agendas… so thanks !!!’

‘An absolutely inspiring talk, that really showed that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Also key is to ‘never give up’, and that every challenge in life just prepares you for the next one. Sibusiso is not only brilliant, but humble, a quality that is so refreshing and evident in how he talks about his journey. A truly thought provoking and motivating achiever!’

‘The sense of purpose came through very well, and inspiring to see how a clear purpose can always help overcome all adversity and obstacles.’

‘I found his talk very inspiring and humbling. We take so much for granted and his humanness was refreshing. I liked the way he worked with teams of strangers but acted as if they were an integral part of this life. The team commitment came through very strong.’
‘I found his session very inspiring. He spoke well and was very humble, so much so that it was hard to imagine that he actually achieved everything he did!
I think everyone enjoyed the session and we could take quite a few leadership lessons from it.’

Various delegates from Unilever